Meet our National Board! We are lucky to have a group of dedicated professionals who freely donate their time, energy and professional expertise to Apex. The Directors are responsible to the Members for the performance of the organisation in both the short and longer term and seek to balance these sometimes competing objectives in the best interest of the organisation as a whole. The boards focus is to ensure the organisation is properly managed and that it remains committed to the Apex Ideals.

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Apex has good relations with numerous kindred organisations. We also promote effective partnership in our region with Apex communities in neighbouring nations. Apex was an early campaigner for better relations between Australia and Asia.

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Bangalore, a picturesque city in the Southern parts of India, had the privilege of being the birth place of Apex Movement in India in the year 1959. The next club emerged in Bombay in South West Coast of this country. Soon after this the third club was founded in Allahabad, an important city of Uttar Pradesh. Calcutta Apex Club is the latest of all the clubs which came in to existence.

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